GA4 Training

Personalized GA4 Training for Marketers

Imagine you could get just the training you need, in a collaborative working relationship which improved your applied skills directly to your goals, and solved specific technical and business problems along the way?

“I never really understood Universal Analytics, how can I make the transition to GA4–and have the learning be meaningful to my job?”

“I’m an advanced user, I don’t need the basics–I need to learn what I need to learn.”

“What good is learning GA4, if I don’t also learn how it relates to our marketing KPIs?”

GA4 Training Designed for Impact

Learners to come up to speed fast, apply skills directly to your goals, and solve problems specific to your business along the way. We guide, you get results.

Two Octobers was fantastic! Both instructors met us where we were at and tailored sessions to our needs. My team feel much more confident about our campaign decisions and how to measure our results.

How It Works

Choose a starting topic, and work with us to customize a plan for your needs. A typical training engagement meets twice a month for 90 minutes each, and lasts 6 months. Training engagements range $1,000-$2,000/month, depending on the instructor and number of participants.

GA4 Training Focuses

Learn GA4

Understanding reports, user engagement & the event model, differences from Universal Analytics, explore data for deeper insights.

Customize GA4

Set up custom events, learn Google Tag Manager, build custom dimensions and metrics.

Google Analytics for Marketing Impact

Perfect if you've always felt there's more to GA than you can grasp--learn how to use it to track metrics of real value to your businesses

Better KPIs & Dashboards

What should go on a dashboard, anyway? Work on what you track and why, then build it into a killer dashboard.

GA4 Dashboards in Looker Studio

Advanced techniques to build dashboards featuring GA4 and other data sources.


Two Octobers instructors are also marketing practitioners–so they understand marketing and business goals. We’ve trained dozes of marketing practitioners just like you.

nico profile with grey background

Nico Brooks

Head of Analytics, Co-Founder
A 20-year veteran of marketing technology, Nico has taught search marketing at the University of Denver as well as dozens of growing marketers in our business and others. He's builds marketing analytics solutions incorporating GA4, Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio, BigQuery, NLP and Jupyter/CoLab.
Claire Headshot

Claire Viland

Digital Solutions Manager
With a background in paid media and SEO, Claire knows just the information marketers need from GA, and how to present it perfectly in Looker Studio. She's also a whiz in Google Big Query.

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