Digital Marketing for Bike Shops

Grow Business and Sustain Revenue

A partner that actually knows the difference between Salsa and hot sauce

We help bike shops across the US and Canada boost in-store and ecommerce sales with effective digital marketing, including paid media, seo, and on-site content. Bike shops who invest in online shopping-enabled websites may not see much activity without investing in marketing the website itself. But when they do, ecommerce revenue feels like drafting behind a lead rider.

The past few years have been a wild ride for the bike industry. We’ve worked with dozens of bike shops over the past 5 years to help them achieve resiliency and revenue growth in local and national markets. We work with platforms you’re on, like Workstand, and understand the brands you carry and the consumers you cater to. From finding new customers to selling in and through inventory challenges, we’re a valued partner for independent retailers, helping shop owners navigate challenges with bike market insights, marketing knowledge, and attentiveness.

Revenue growth for bike shops comes from building a dependable flywheel

Drive Visibility & Traffic

Bring people to the website with paid media, seo, and content marketing. Improve foot traffic with local SEO and helpful website content.

Engage & Re-engage

Support prospective buyers with quality content that helps them want to engage and make good purchase decisions. Get engaged users back to the website.

Improve Return

Focus on key brands, categories, and services that address inventory gluts, grow average order value, and improve margins.

When it comes to online revenue, we’ve got you covered. Our ongoing work plan optimizes for revenue by focusing on this formula:

revenue = traffic x conversion rate x average order value

This formula is a great starting point – a way to wrap your head around what it takes to grow online revenue. By breaking the components down to traffic, conversion and order value, it makes it much easier to prioritize efforts and chip away at the objective. Learn how it works.

Our Work


Ecommerce sales are projected to increase 15% each year over the next 3 years. With shifting consumer behavior, rising above the fray is challenging for independent retailers. We know which digital marketing tactics help you connect with consumers at multiple stages of the buying process and drive them to purchase. Two Octobers’ digital marketing for bike shops drives more website traffic and purchases so retailers grow sales and customers.

Consumers consistently use the internet to gather information about local businesses. Having an up-to-date and compelling online presence across the places people are looking for your products and services helps drive positive brand impressions and bring people in-store. Consumers increasingly appreciate being able to browse a local store’s inventory before visiting, and tools like Google’s local inventory ads can even help direct online product searchers to buy directly in store.

  • We know the bike industry and the realities of running an independent bike shop. Our team includes the expertise of people who’ve worked in shops.
  • We customize our approach to your unique situation–your location, your products, your priorities.
  • We’re responsive, attentive, and communicative. Collaboration and teaching as we go are core to our values as a company.

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